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Praise be to Allah , Lord of the Worlds, prayer and peace upon the Seal of the Prophets and Messengers of God and prayers be upon him and his family and companions and walked trained and guided Bhdehm to the Day of Judgment and after /

the call of Islam call for all people of the earth: for Tkulain mankind and the jinn came by the Prophet peace be upon him and ordered as his Lord communicated swt so Ezz said the man who said:) I invite unto Allah with vision and I follow me (… [Yusuf: 108] said the Almighty:) O Prophet Verily We sent thee a witness and a missionary and portent ) 45﴾ He called to God with his permission ﴿46﴾ and the promise of the believers that they have from God a great favor …﴿
[Parties: 47: 45] .

And formulated by the Prophet – peace be upon him – in saying: ( Reported about me even a verse ) [Bukhari] . And narrated Muslim – God’s mercy – in his Saheeh hadeeth of Jabir bin Abdullah said: The Messenger of Allah – peace be upon him – said: ( I was given five were not given by me, each prophet was sent to his people especially, and sent to each red and black …… … Etc talk ). Muslim also came out of the hadeeth of Abu Hurayrah that the Messenger of Allah – peace be upon him – said: (and sent to all creation, and seal the prophets ).

Based on this blessed invitation, we took it upon ourselves to seek something of this honor asking God Almighty to grant us sincerity and sincerity in intention and action, bearing in mind the book of Allah Almighty and the Sunnah of the Prophet peace be upon him and foresight in the manner of the companions and followers This religion understanding and behavior of science and action, and how not? He who saw God for them and Zkahm Almighty said:) and former ancients of immigrants and supporters who Atbaohm in truth , God bless them , and they with him and prepared for them gardens never take place underneath which rivers flow so great win (… [repentance: 100] With the help of a group of sincere scholars and preachers who did not spare no effort in helping and guidance, God rewarded them from us and from Islam and Muslims all the best and made us and you from the people of the Koran who are the people of God and his own.

Al-Furqan Institute for Forensic Sciences on the Internet, hopes to achieve this modern educational service part of the duty of Muslims, in spreading the call, education and education, among all people in different countries in order to seek the universality of religion and to seek the pleasure of the Lord of the Worlds.

Oh God, to help us reach what we hope you are on everything is capable, and the answer is worthy, and you calculated us