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Al-Furqan Institute

There are no specific conditions for joining Al-Furqan Institute for Islamic Sciences except seriousness, commitment to ethics of dialogue, and communication with others.

 How do I join the Furqan Institute?

All you have to do is to enter the Furqan Institute page and fill in the application form and fill in all the required information.After successful completion of the form, you will be registered in the list of applicants to the Institute and then receive an e-mail with a link and when pressed, you will be automatically activated at the Institute.
Note that the registration and study institute for free to all Muslims around the world.

 How the student to recognize its data?

A confirmation message is sent to the student with his / her data, which can be reviewed through the “ Student Profile ” link within his / her file, which also allows the student to change his / her data.
In case you forget your password or enter the wrong password on the student follow the link Forgot your password ? That appears to him, to send him his password via his own mail.

 How do I subscribe to Al-Furqan Institute?

To enroll in any of the Al Furqan Institute courses you must first:You must be registered with the institute, and then enter the subscription page of the available materials by semester, enter your e-mail and password and then click on the registration link, you are registered with the article, followed by an e-mail to you to confirm your registration of that material and show the status of the article in your file ( Activated ).

 How many subjects that students can registration them?

There is no minimum number of subjects for enrollment, while the maximum number of subjects available for registration is 5 per semester.

 What are enrollment-only items?

Sujects that do not have live lectures or (live broadcast), and the student depends on the audio lectures recorded on the page of the article, as well as educational materials associated with the material of scientific books and Mattoon. Students can take questions and inquiries through review lectures organized by the Institute and have a specific schedule, and communicate between the students and the Institute through forums, e-mail, as well as a link to ask the teacher in the file of each student.

 How do I cancel an item?

If a student wishes to cancel a course, he / she can do so through the course page under the ( Defer / Cancel course) link ., And then clicks Cancel. Immediately after the beginning of the semester following the cancellation semester, the student will find the material that was canceled on the main page of his file under the heading “Residual Materials”, where he is allowed to re-register without affecting his final assessment.

 How do I get textbooks and scientific materials taught?

The institute provides scientific materials that are taught such as books, articles, textbooks and poems.
The student gets it by accessing the subject page itself and then the auxiliary materials page .

 Where can I find the recorded lectures for the subjects I have registered?

In order to facilitate the students of the Institute of Furqan forensic science has been put all the lectures recorded and accredited as well as auxiliary materials for the material within the file of each student.

 How do I get past tests?

The Institute provides the previous semester tests for each subject studied by the student and accessed these tests through the link “samples of material tests”, located on the subject page.

 What is my institute profile ?

Your profile is the first page that appears after logging in by email and password. Here you will find the list of subjects registered for the current semester as well as the previous subjects you registered and the result and percentage of each subject. It also has a student file link that holds all of your registered information and you can edit it through it.

 How does the student access the course page?

The student logs in to the institute through his mail and password.
The student will click on the name of the subject they want to access.
The student automatically goes to The material page with all its services such as auxiliary materials, cancellation of material, previous tests, etc.

 How are the final tests done?

Tests are included in the student’s file on the site, where the test is available on each subject page according to the schedule of tests, and the test is available for a full day since the date announced in the schedule of tests , but the student is allowed to solve the test in more than two hours (the duration of the test ). 

 How long is the term? And when are the tests?

The duration of the semester is three months starting with the beginning of the semester. The tests will take place at the end of the third month during the last two weeks.
Note: There are oral tests for intonation axis materials.
Written test in the form of a web page with questions and there are places to answer, and after the student has answered all the questions.

 How do I enter the places of students?

ou must first: be enrolled in the Institute of Furqan and registered in one of the materials and access to the entry page of the Institute. Enter your e-mail and password, and you will have access to the pages of your institute profile and you will find the rooms open to access according to the schedule, as well as knowledge of the materials that you have registered in the current semester and the status of the materials you studied in previous classes. I get a message ( check your password and email ) Some people think that they are signed in with their username and password, but it is true that they are signed in by email and password. Most of the time it happens that you write your password in Arabic and think you entered it in English and vice versa, try to enter it in both languages, and make sure the capitalization and lowercase letters in case of writing in English. You can change the password from the student’s profile page after logging in to the institute with the correct password.

 What about how and how to teach at the Institute?

Teaching at the Institute for regular subjects is through live and live webcasts in the presence of the teacher on fixed and fixed dates, through the site’s live broadcast page, and a link to the main page at the time of the lecture according to schedule.

 How students will meet with the teacher to explain the different materials?

The teacher meets the students through the live web page, according to the schedule of each subject.

 Explain the system of direct broadcasting system real

The live streaming is done through the RealPlayer program, so you should keep in mind the presence of a real player version.
You can follow the live streaming system by logging in through the site and then to the article page find a link Click here to listen to the live broadcast

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New registration system for students

Registration - Jennifer Daniels - October 27, 2019

muslim veil french universities - New registration system for students
  1. The student can attend the lectures and follow the live broadcast according to the schedule of materials through the Koran Way program and live broadcast site.
  2. Participate in giving questions and follow-up answered throughout the lectures.
  3. Benefit from all enrollment registration features.

Second: Registration of Affiliation:

  1. The student is not allowed to attend the live broadcast of the lectures
  2. The student can listen and download recorded lectures from the site.
  3. The student has the right to participate in the dialogue area of ​​the material registered and send any questions and receive responses directly from the teacher.
  4. Enrollment is not considered the least scientific degree as Faisal is passing the tests.


There are some subjects that are registered only, that is, they do not have a live broadcast, but all students are enrolled enrollment, and study through the recorded lectures and dialogue area of ​​the subject, and questions are received

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How to receive lectures and access to live Broadcasting

Live Broadcasting - Jennifer Daniels - October 27, 2019

thumbs b c a207a2afd1d7c17d7fb6f3830472bc6c - How to receive lectures and access to live Broadcasting

The student should first register with the Criterion Institute of Forensic Sciences , and obtaining the acceptance of the institute mail.A confirmation message is sent to the student statements of its, and can review the data link through the ” student file ” within its file. In the case of the student ‘s desire to change its data, it can , through the link ” student file ” within its file. 3. Once the student has entered his file at the institute through his e-mail and password, he will find on the main page under the title ” Current Materials “

Subjects of the current semester, and registration in the subjects that he wishes to study in the Covenant – not more than five materials per semester – taking into account the registration of regularity and affiliation, and review the study schedule for each subject ( regularity and affiliation systems ) (note that all the schedules of the site schedules work Makkah time) .. ( Study schedule ) – The student must register in each subject he wishes to study in this chapter, and is not sufficient for the general registration in the Institute. – The student will not be able to register at a certain level of a subject until after passing the previous level. If a student wishes to cancel a course, they can do so from the course page under the ” Cancel Course ” link.

4 to enter the broadcast room, the student by clicking on the link ” broadcast ” top of the file so Visttia participate in the dialogue and send questions to the elders -ozlk depending on the specific dates of Paljdol-.

A visitor to the Al-Furqan Institute for Islamic Sciences will find the link “Broadcast” on the main page through which he can enter the page of the live broadcast without participating with students in the dialogue or send questions to the lecturers

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Al-Furqan Institute for Forensic Sciences

Forensic Science - Jennifer Daniels - October 27, 2019

islamic school 660x330 - Al-Furqan Institute for Forensic Sciences

The site has now started in the second phase of the study of forensic science, and thanks to God has introduced new materials supervised by a group of scientists for a good, and students of science with a doctorate and master.

To join the institute, the student must only fill out the free enrollment form and then will receive confirmation of final approval, acceptance at the institute, and invite him to register with the available legal materials.

All steps of registration, teaching, receiving and learning are done through the Internet with specific schedules.

The Institute will give different legitimate diplomas, starting with the ” Diploma of the Furqan Institute “.

Al Furqan Institute Diploma

is a legitimate diploma granted by the Institute to students, and is to pass a set of tests in the sciences of Tajweed, Tafseer, Fiqh, Doctrine, Hadith and Biography, Testimonial and Arabic language.
The number of subjects for the diploma is 24 in eight main axes.
In order to obtain the diploma of Furqan must complete the study of all axes and materials as well as pass the tests.

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Staff at Furqan Institute for Sharia Sciences

Staffs - Jennifer Daniels - October 27, 2019

1195 - Staff at Furqan Institute for Sharia Sciences

Arabic Language 101

Mr. Mohamed Desouky
MA in Linguistics Department, Faculty of Arabic Language, Al-Azhar University

Arabic Language 102

Mr. Mohamed Desouky
MA in Linguistics Department, Faculty of Arabic Language, Al-Azhar University

Arabic Language 103

Dr. Abdullah

Upgrading 101Abu Muhannad

Upgrading 102Abu Muhannad

Upgrading 103Dr. Yaser Al-Shafei
Bachelor of Sharia and Law – Al-Azhar – Master of jurisprudence

Testimonials 101Dr. Yaser Al-Shafei
 Bachelor of Sharia and Law – Al-Azhar – Master of jurisprudence

Recommendation 102Dr. Yaser Al-Shafei
 Bachelor of Sharia and Law – Al-Azhar – Master of jurisprudence

Testimonials 103Dr. Yaser Al-Shafei
Bachelor of Sharia and Law – Al-Azhar – Master of jurisprudence

Hadith 101

Sheikh / Islam Mansour

Hadith 102Sheikh / Islam Mansour

Hadith 103Sheikh / Islam Mansour

Doctrine 101Sheikh / Islam Mansour

Doctrine 102Sheikh / Islam Mansour

Doctrine 103Sheikh / Islam Mansour

Biography 101Sheikh / Abdul Salam Ali

Car 102Sheikh / Abdul Salam Ali

Biography 103Sheikh / Abdul Salam Ali

Explanation 101Dr. Yaser Al-Shafei
Bachelor of Sharia and Law – Al-Azhar – Master of jurisprudence

Explanation 102Dr. Yaser Al-Shafei
Bachelor of Sharia and Law – Al-Azhar – Master of jurisprudence

Explanation 103Dr. Yaser Al-Shafei
Bachelor of Sharia and Law – Al-Azhar – Master of jurisprudence

Jurisprudence 101A / Mohammed Khalil
Bachelor of the Faculty of Sharia and Law – Al-Azhar – Master of jurisprudence

Jurisprudence 102A / Mohammed Khalil
Bachelor of the Faculty of Sharia and Law – Al-Azhar – Master of jurisprudence

Fiqh 103A / Mohammed Khalil
Bachelor of the Faculty of Sharia and Law – Al-Azhar – Master of jurisprudence

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System of Memorizing

System - Jennifer Daniels - October 27, 2019

5abd6d1d475f6 933 - System of Memorizing

Praise be to God and prayers and peace be upon the master of the first two and others and his family and companions and

peace. And when he said: (The people of the Koran are the people of God and his own ) [Narrated by Ahmad and women from Anas and corrected by Albanian] .
He warned those who do not have something in the chest of the Koran said, peace be upon him: ( The one who is not in the ground something of the Koran house ruin ) [Narrated by Tirmidhi, Ahmad and Darmi] .
And the status of the holder of the Koran in paradise as much as Mamah of the Koran, and if my poetry if his parents wear two solutions are not for them the world, how the owner himself ?! It is a great virtue known only by the jurisprudence of God for this, and every Muslim is free to strive and strive for him to be among the best of this nation, said the Prophet peace be upon him: ( better than learning the Koran and his knowledge ) 

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CRM Facts You Need to Know

My Blog - Jennifer Daniels - September 1, 2019

As every business owner should be in an amiable relationship with his targeted audience, incorporating Best CRM software in malaysia is your best shot to achieve such goal. You can easily find a reliable provider of CRM software. However, you need to be careful when choosing one so you will really get what you need. You should get started on social media as well. Not only that, you should learn what SEO is all about too so that you can market your business better.

For you to be able to choose well, you need to dig more about CRM. Check this out:

This software will enable to you learn more about your customers.

This is actually not just a system but a strategy in creating a better relationship towards your customers.

This system will protect your important data regarding your clients or customers.

You Best field force software in malaysia will have an access to the Best accounting software deskera erp malaysia data wherever you are Customized sales force automation software in kuala lumpur as long as you have internet connection. This is one of the perks of CRM.

You will have an in-depth understanding of your customers.

You will be able to identify potential leads

There are still so many things that CRM software can offer to every business. As long as you end up with the right software, you can never be wrong and instead, you will be on the right track.

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How to Win Your Audience’s Heart – More Videos, please!

My Blog - Jennifer Daniels - August 21, 2019

How to Win Your Audience’s Heart – More Videos, please!

Running through this fast pace world of digital world, where every little thing is on your fingertips, not many would stop by just to enjoy the beautiful sight in front of them. It’s a good thing that people still have the time to breathe in this suffocating place where everyone is chasing after their dreams. Therefore, to all online marketers out there who know too well, quality content on your page shall be the first be all you need to focus, in order to get higher ranking in SERPs, what makes you think smart yet wordy article is enough to win your audience’s heart? No one really has the time to ponder on every little thing you typed in no matter how important a particular point is to you. Therefore, why not find alternatives to this issue by adding videos to your content? Let the videos do the talking, mate! Also make sure you check out any social media agency to send in your videos. Aside from that, you should also learn what is SEO all about.

Having said that, this short article will explain briefly (since everyone is rushing) why you need to put videos on your page. First and foremost, it is because videos tend to convey information quicker and easier. Just like what I mentioned before, everyone is rushing, thus everyone is dying. So let’s not waste even a second of their lives reading something lengthy when you can just summarise the 5 minutes read to 2 minutes video packed with valuable information. Another thing is because videos are able to send messages in a unique way. I think everyone is facing the same problems when it comes to written text. The tone. Many misunderstandings happened to different ways people read information. Thus, by using video to replace your wordy explanation, you can use the right tone and expressions as well as showing the right body language in sending the messages you wish to convey to your audience.

Besides that, videos can also activate emotions. I mean if a picture could speak a thousand words, imagine what a moving picture could say? You should be having effortless number of commentaries on your page due to the video you posted for your audience to view. Be creative in selecting or creating your videos. Make sure it suits the content well and if possible, add some humour to it. Life’s too short to be serious all the time. In addition, videos will also increase the engagement between you and your viewers. You can even analyse the effectiveness of your video via analytics software so that you may improve your video content to get a higher views in the near future. Furthermore, the videos you posted, let’s say if it is packed with quality messages, this will also increase the chance for your site to be promoted by your audience. This will help you to get free, organic outreach to other links.

 All in all, it can be seen how videos should be the new go to tools to be added to your quality content in order for you to rank higher in the SERPs, be it in SEO Malaysia or even abroad. Plus, the increase in the number of vloggers in our country is also a sign for us, online marketers, to walk on a new path in marketing our business parallel to the new pace. 

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Famous Malay Traditional Medicinal Cultures

My Blog - Jennifer Daniels - August 13, 2019

Famous Malay Traditional Medicinal Cultures

Malaysia is a beautiful country that is rich its multicultural history and people. There are many herbal shops located there from chinese herbal shops, malay herbal shops and indian herbal shops. If you want to find the best 吉隆坡中药店, you can go visit those shops or even at villages, as well as on the web. The Malay culture has many fascinating things from values to celebrations, the language and the food and values they instill. They have long living traditions and beliefs and this does include on medicine and medical practices. This includes things like after birth protocols and practices and many other things like cupping that stems from the chinese tradition. If you have many products, you can turn to social media to market your products. Aside from that, you should also learn about SEO too.

Traditional Malay medicine usually is a more holistic, multifaceted and ecological succession to many types of illnesses and ailments. Traditional Malay healing also has concepts of magic, spiritualism that consists of the supernatural, and the empirical, such as dietetics and herbalism, which can be scientifically researched on and proven. Natural ingredients and remedies are widely used in traditional malay medical and medicinal practices to treat small to medium risks illnesses like coughing and head pains. 

When Malaysia was colonized by the british, there have been studies that looked into the traditional healing, but it was often biased and faced criticism on it being one sided and racist. As a malay, there are a few differences between modern western medicine, and to asian or malay traditional medicine or practices, one of them is massages. Asian massages usually have this concept of gas in the body and the veins not being in the proper place, while western massages are entirely different. They are more towards a relaxing activity that requires essential oils and smells, but for the asian massage they usually hurt as they really try to fix into the nooks and crannies. 

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How To Care For Your Palm Tree

My Blog - Jennifer Daniels - August 9, 2019

How To Care For Your Palm Tree

In this article, I am going to guide you on how to care for your palm tree. It is easy to plant a plant, however, the aftermath of planting a tree is the most important thing, which is the taking care part so that the plants grow healthily. We are every now and again asked how much nourishment a palm tree ought to be given. It is a hanger on the sort of palm, its measurement, and the conditions where it is growing. Specifically, not the kind of plants that grow in pots or holder that can rapidly end up became an insufficient nutrient tree. We would firmly prescribe the utilisation of the new gadget which empowers you to quantify the supplement levels in your plant. You should learn about SEO and use social media to find out how to care for your palm tree.

Here are the reasons why:

Firstly, A palm ought to be nourished well during its developing season. Which means you might need to use the palm oil fertiliser manufacture. You might be amazed how much nutrients a palm tree wants and there are times it can be so hungry! Utilise restrictive palm manure and blend in some broad fertilizer. Dissipate a few salted potassium beside the storage compartment in the harvest time to enable the plant to set itself up for cold seasons. Be mindful so as to disperse compost on the ground just; in the event that you sprinkle the fertiliser in the plant unconsciously that could cause side effects such as burning and harm the developing point of your palm!

Moreover, current reasoning recommends that in the event that we improve the dirt excessively near the root ball the roots become sluggish and don’t create. You are in an ideal situation protective covering your plant considerably with wood shavings, garden cuttings or another natural issue in a huge territory around the root so the nourishment is disseminated equally and the roots are urged to grow well. You will see that if the roots grow well, the top leaves and trunk will react sooner or later.

All in all, take care of your palm tree mindfully so that you don’t over do the fertilising that could cause harm to them and make sure you buy organic fertiliser malaysia for your palm tree.

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