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FAQ - Jennifer Daniels - October 27, 2019

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Al-Furqan Institute

There are no specific conditions for joining Al-Furqan Institute for Islamic Sciences except seriousness, commitment to ethics of dialogue, and communication with others.

 How do I join the Furqan Institute?

All you have to do is to enter the Furqan Institute page and fill in the application form and fill in all the required information.After successful completion of the form, you will be registered in the list of applicants to the Institute and then receive an e-mail with a link and when pressed, you will be automatically activated at the Institute.
Note that the registration and study institute for free to all Muslims around the world.

 How the student to recognize its data?

A confirmation message is sent to the student with his / her data, which can be reviewed through the “ Student Profile ” link within his / her file, which also allows the student to change his / her data.
In case you forget your password or enter the wrong password on the student follow the link Forgot your password ? That appears to him, to send him his password via his own mail.

 How do I subscribe to Al-Furqan Institute?

To enroll in any of the Al Furqan Institute courses you must first:You must be registered with the institute, and then enter the subscription page of the available materials by semester, enter your e-mail and password and then click on the registration link, you are registered with the article, followed by an e-mail to you to confirm your registration of that material and show the status of the article in your file ( Activated ).

 How many subjects that students can registration them?

There is no minimum number of subjects for enrollment, while the maximum number of subjects available for registration is 5 per semester.

 What are enrollment-only items?

Sujects that do not have live lectures or (live broadcast), and the student depends on the audio lectures recorded on the page of the article, as well as educational materials associated with the material of scientific books and Mattoon. Students can take questions and inquiries through review lectures organized by the Institute and have a specific schedule, and communicate between the students and the Institute through forums, e-mail, as well as a link to ask the teacher in the file of each student.

 How do I cancel an item?

If a student wishes to cancel a course, he / she can do so through the course page under the ( Defer / Cancel course) link ., And then clicks Cancel. Immediately after the beginning of the semester following the cancellation semester, the student will find the material that was canceled on the main page of his file under the heading “Residual Materials”, where he is allowed to re-register without affecting his final assessment.

 How do I get textbooks and scientific materials taught?

The institute provides scientific materials that are taught such as books, articles, textbooks and poems.
The student gets it by accessing the subject page itself and then the auxiliary materials page .

 Where can I find the recorded lectures for the subjects I have registered?

In order to facilitate the students of the Institute of Furqan forensic science has been put all the lectures recorded and accredited as well as auxiliary materials for the material within the file of each student.

 How do I get past tests?

The Institute provides the previous semester tests for each subject studied by the student and accessed these tests through the link “samples of material tests”, located on the subject page.

 What is my institute profile ?

Your profile is the first page that appears after logging in by email and password. Here you will find the list of subjects registered for the current semester as well as the previous subjects you registered and the result and percentage of each subject. It also has a student file link that holds all of your registered information and you can edit it through it.

 How does the student access the course page?

The student logs in to the institute through his mail and password.
The student will click on the name of the subject they want to access.
The student automatically goes to The material page with all its services such as auxiliary materials, cancellation of material, previous tests, etc.

 How are the final tests done?

Tests are included in the student’s file on the site, where the test is available on each subject page according to the schedule of tests, and the test is available for a full day since the date announced in the schedule of tests , but the student is allowed to solve the test in more than two hours (the duration of the test ). 

 How long is the term? And when are the tests?

The duration of the semester is three months starting with the beginning of the semester. The tests will take place at the end of the third month during the last two weeks.
Note: There are oral tests for intonation axis materials.
Written test in the form of a web page with questions and there are places to answer, and after the student has answered all the questions.

 How do I enter the places of students?

ou must first: be enrolled in the Institute of Furqan and registered in one of the materials and access to the entry page of the Institute. Enter your e-mail and password, and you will have access to the pages of your institute profile and you will find the rooms open to access according to the schedule, as well as knowledge of the materials that you have registered in the current semester and the status of the materials you studied in previous classes. I get a message ( check your password and email ) Some people think that they are signed in with their username and password, but it is true that they are signed in by email and password. Most of the time it happens that you write your password in Arabic and think you entered it in English and vice versa, try to enter it in both languages, and make sure the capitalization and lowercase letters in case of writing in English. You can change the password from the student’s profile page after logging in to the institute with the correct password.

 What about how and how to teach at the Institute?

Teaching at the Institute for regular subjects is through live and live webcasts in the presence of the teacher on fixed and fixed dates, through the site’s live broadcast page, and a link to the main page at the time of the lecture according to schedule.

 How students will meet with the teacher to explain the different materials?

The teacher meets the students through the live web page, according to the schedule of each subject.

 Explain the system of direct broadcasting system real

The live streaming is done through the RealPlayer program, so you should keep in mind the presence of a real player version.
You can follow the live streaming system by logging in through the site and then to the article page find a link Click here to listen to the live broadcast

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