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Al-Furqan Institute for Forensic Sciences

Forensic Science - Jennifer Daniels - October 27, 2019

islamic school 660x330 - Al-Furqan Institute for Forensic Sciences

The site has now started in the second phase of the study of forensic science, and thanks to God has introduced new materials supervised by a group of scientists for a good, and students of science with a doctorate and master.

To join the institute, the student must only fill out the free enrollment form and then will receive confirmation of final approval, acceptance at the institute, and invite him to register with the available legal materials.

All steps of registration, teaching, receiving and learning are done through the Internet with specific schedules.

The Institute will give different legitimate diplomas, starting with the ” Diploma of the Furqan Institute “.

Al Furqan Institute Diploma

is a legitimate diploma granted by the Institute to students, and is to pass a set of tests in the sciences of Tajweed, Tafseer, Fiqh, Doctrine, Hadith and Biography, Testimonial and Arabic language.
The number of subjects for the diploma is 24 in eight main axes.
In order to obtain the diploma of Furqan must complete the study of all axes and materials as well as pass the tests.

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