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How to receive lectures and access to live Broadcasting

Live Broadcasting - Jennifer Daniels - October 27, 2019

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The student should first register with the Criterion Institute of Forensic Sciences , and obtaining the acceptance of the institute mail.A confirmation message is sent to the student statements of its, and can review the data link through the ” student file ” within its file. In the case of the student ‘s desire to change its data, it can , through the link ” student file ” within its file. 3. Once the student has entered his file at the institute through his e-mail and password, he will find on the main page under the title ” Current Materials “

Subjects of the current semester, and registration in the subjects that he wishes to study in the Covenant – not more than five materials per semester – taking into account the registration of regularity and affiliation, and review the study schedule for each subject ( regularity and affiliation systems ) (note that all the schedules of the site schedules work Makkah time) .. ( Study schedule ) – The student must register in each subject he wishes to study in this chapter, and is not sufficient for the general registration in the Institute. – The student will not be able to register at a certain level of a subject until after passing the previous level. If a student wishes to cancel a course, they can do so from the course page under the ” Cancel Course ” link.

4 to enter the broadcast room, the student by clicking on the link ” broadcast ” top of the file so Visttia participate in the dialogue and send questions to the elders -ozlk depending on the specific dates of Paljdol-.

A visitor to the Al-Furqan Institute for Islamic Sciences will find the link “Broadcast” on the main page through which he can enter the page of the live broadcast without participating with students in the dialogue or send questions to the lecturers

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