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New registration system for students

Registration - Jennifer Daniels - October 27, 2019

muslim veil french universities - New registration system for students
  1. The student can attend the lectures and follow the live broadcast according to the schedule of materials through the Koran Way program and live broadcast site.
  2. Participate in giving questions and follow-up answered throughout the lectures.
  3. Benefit from all enrollment registration features.

Second: Registration of Affiliation:

  1. The student is not allowed to attend the live broadcast of the lectures
  2. The student can listen and download recorded lectures from the site.
  3. The student has the right to participate in the dialogue area of ​​the material registered and send any questions and receive responses directly from the teacher.
  4. Enrollment is not considered the least scientific degree as Faisal is passing the tests.


There are some subjects that are registered only, that is, they do not have a live broadcast, but all students are enrolled enrollment, and study through the recorded lectures and dialogue area of ​​the subject, and questions are received

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