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Career preparing and feasible employment?

I have a Bachelor of Science with Biochemistry and Chemistry as majors, a Post Graduate Diploma in Management and I am presently studying towards a Bachelor of Commerce with majors in Economics and Management Accounting and Finance. I have 4 years work knowledge in a laboratory which deals with high quality control and development of the production procedure in the plant.
I am not pleased with this career path at all, I would like to change profession paths all together. I would like to get in the well being sector (perhaps function for an NGO). I would like to make a which means full contribution to the enlistment of well being services and facilities in Africa.
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Auto Finance payoff ..Toyota financials?
Hi Lately my car has been wrecked and totaled .i was getting lien on the automobile ..insurance paid me nothing as i was not carrying full coverage. now the finance business asking me to pay full quantity 16k in total before jun 16th. i stated i cant spend the quantity then they r telling if u cant spend it will be on your credit ..can everyone please tell me
how its going to impact my credit i have cosigner also on the vehicle ..will that be effected as nicely ?
Answer by mar c
you and your cosigner’s credit have just been destroyed….
attempt your extremely very best to supply them some great faith payment,like 5k and a reasonable monthly payment…..either way,both you and cosigner will have great difficulty finding any sort of reasonable credit for really some time…
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How do I discover a buyer for an owner-financed home?
I am attempting to sell a house in Palmdale, California, and I will do owner financing, which implies no bank qualifying or downpayment required. A perfect win-win for myself and any interested buyer who desires a fantastic deal at a fair cost and interest rate without getting to go via a mortgage application.
Answer by jassy
Advertise in the newspaper for sale by owner. with owner financing.

Need financing to purchase an existing enterprise in Oklahoma?
My husband and I would like to buy an existing bar(nightclub) that is for sale, we are getting issues obtaining financing to obtain it. The main issue we preserve running into is we filed bankrupcy due to the fact prior marrages we had been in messed up our credit. Our bankrupcy has been discharged. The present owner is selling the enterprise because of his wellness. The bar(nightclub) is extremely lucrative. The current owner is asking $ 423,500 for the organization and it appraises at $ 459,000, The owner is willing to carry the down for the business. The SBA will not touch us nor will any banks. Any suggestions would be wonderful ASAP. Thanks in advance.

Answer by kris55a
you are up the creek with out the paddle.
attempt once more in the future when your credit is greater

Is there a on the internet real estate school that provides financing?
I want to take on line courses for actual estate licensing but do not have the cash all at once to do it. Is there a way i can take it on the web by means of one of the online schools that are not actual colleges and have it paid for by federal monetary aid, none of the colleges close to me really have the courses themselves…please..need some info!

Answer by Landlord
I doubt it, they are usually not accredited schools on the web.

You must check about, you ought to be in a position to find one under 200.

How do you anticipate to truly perform with no any income? You do know that no 1 pays you? There are lots of fees to joing the boards? MLS?

Answer by Dataminer
There is an additional way and you can get began for free